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Sheer Gloss Collection Bundle

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Why choose one Sheer Gloss Instant Manicure when you can have them all?  This bundle includes all four must-have shades with a signature jelly finish.

The Bundle Contains:

  • Glazed 
  • Milk Tea 
  • Silk Teddy 
  • Brown Sugar 
Your Dream Press-On Nails. Signet’s expertly curated designs give you salon-quality nails at a fraction of the cost. Apply in minutes and enjoy  up to 2 weeks of long-lasting, seamlessly natural nails.  It’s the best of both worlds - nails that match your aesthetic & convenience that matches your lifestyle.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 24 nails in 12 universal sizes
  • Non-damaging nail glue
  • Gel tabs
  • Applicator tool
  • Nail file